Larne Business Marketing Advertising

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LarneBMA is Seeking Business Clients Who Want To ‘Brand and Outrank’ Online! Call Now To Book A Marketing Consultant For A Bespoke Marketing Campaign Unique To The Business!

LarneBMA provides internet marketing help to the local business sector. Our PRIMARY focus is local business BRAND(ing) development and management.

1. BESPOKE MARKETING CAMPAIGN: Schedule a free 1-1 appointment with a marketing consultant to go through your objectives and goal desires. We draw up a marketing plan unique to your business structure and budget.

— Marketing Formula (Plan): Each marketing plan will consist of paid and free marketing formulas to achieve ultimate results given your present circumstances.

— LarneBMA 3 Core Structure: Marketing, training and support. (1) Current marketing opportunities that fits your business structure and budget. (2) Team training (if applicable) – developing an excitingly different sales ‘frame of mind’ to instantly benefit from the fast paced online market. (3) Reliable support service to all our business client needs.

2. MARKETING SERVICES: Google My Business, Business Listings, Google Adwords, PPC, Social Media, Content, etc.