L.K.Computers Ltd

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We Are A small company in central London.

Our staff have over 50 years’ combined experience in IT design, build and repair. We get the jobs that others nearby can’t repair. All procedures are done here on site by qualified technicians.

We do all Apple related work. We do all PC related work. We do all tablet related work.We repair electronic equipment where we can source the schematic drawing.That sounds a very broad coverage, but that is how broad our technical resources are.What little we can’t do in-house, we can usually find colleagues elsewhere to get a result.

There are several ways you can contact me. You can email me directly at info@lkcomputers.com. If you are a Member you can send me a Private Message. Alternatively, you can fill in the form on this page which sends your message to me via Email.
logic board level repair
hard drive repair
screen repair
monitor repair
data recovery
data back-up
operating system (os) reinstallation and repair
mobile phone repair
charger repair
liquid damage repair
iPad digitis
straightening repair / full service
iPhone screen replacement /full serivce
iPod screen replacement /full service
raid array setup
water cooling installation, repair and maintenance
custom build computer design and building
custom build server design and building
computer customisation
BGA chip re-balling
spare parts supply
remote access – VPN
internal cleaning – all types of equipment
CD / DVD / BD – media restoration.
full office support
virus removal
pick up and delivery
Apple related work
smart device fixes
apple computers
computer & telephone cleaning
computer consultancy
computer recycling
computer services
computer systems
disaster recovery