Chas & Phil Wholesale

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Wholesale Fashion Jewellery, Accessories, Perfume & Cosmetics. We specialize in supplying Market Traders, Boutiques, Chemists, Web sellers and Party Plan.

Chas and Phil Wholesale Fashion Jewellery, Perfume and Cosmetics are a renowned established partnership between father and son supplying to Trade customers from our warehouse in Ilford and from our website. Our diverse selection of products enables us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. We sell an array of Wholesale fashion jewellery, accessories, scarves and cosmetics to the trade in London, Manchester, Ireland and all over the UK. We offer a free next day delivery to our customers based within the mainland UK.

Our diverse and extensive range of Wholesale fashion accessories, cosmetics and Jewellery enable us to define our own unique selling point.

Established over 50 years ago by Charles Mitchell, he was joined by his son Phil 30 years ago and established the Chas and Phil Wholesale warehouse located in Ilford. Our dynamic store has been thriving ever since and some of our core aspects are wedding accessories, tiaras, watches and display stands. The list is endless!