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Fast loan offer in 24 hours - plavec.joz@gmail.com

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Optimus Law

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Our firm of immigration lawyers has experience in every type of immigration situation. We are an elite team of legal professionals qualified to the highest level and specialising only in UK Immigratio

Shopping Centres

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Surrey Security Service Welcome to Surrey Security Service Ltd Surrey Security Service Ltd, is an independent, leading security service providers, covering the whole of England and Wales. We are total
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Utilities and Infrastructure

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Major Energy & utility organizations continuously undertake maintenance, renewals and upgrades across their networks. The linear nature of these projects, often in remote areas, provides a challen
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Retail Sector

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Throughout the last decade, retail groups have been in demand to deliver effective support in the development and implementation of loss prevention schemes in store, in distribution logistics and in h
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Public Sector

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Local and public sectors always have a dire need of cost-effective security solution to fulfil day to day insecurity challenges. That is why Surrey Security Services have designed a team of most exper
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Logistics Sector

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Many companies are involved in a logistics chain: distribution and cargo centres, logistics companies and shipping agents, as well as warehouses and courier firms. The transportation and logistics ind
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Leisure Sector/Hotels

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Surrey Security understands the need to create a secure leisure environment in which your customers can feel totally safe and relaxed. We offer effective leisure security solutions without affecting t
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Manufacturing/ Industrial Sector

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Manufacturing and industrial companies require the most highly efficient and effective security solutions. We provide the latest integrated security technology, the best trained and vetted security of
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Educational Sector

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Schools, colleges and universities have both tangible and intangible assets to protect, but above all the students, teachers and other visitors need to be secure. The needs vary depending on whether t
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Corporate Sector

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With vast experience in delivering security to corporate clients, it means that we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to provide a variety of solutions for your business. The Corporate Sector de
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Construction Sector

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Surrey Security have extensive experience in the Construction industry. We recognise the importance of securing site, equipment, tools, machinery and workers. We are recognised as one of the leading p
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